Sweet & Salty


Description: A new & exciting fundraiser. Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods. Crispy pretzels dipped in rich chocolate and rolled in assorted candy. A low calorie snack with an awesome taste.
Made in Canada.

Price: $288 per case.

A Case contains 4 “In Hand Carriers” of 60 assorted Pretzel Rods (4 x 60 = 240 Rods).

Each “In Hand Carrier” contains 60 Pretzel Rods:
  • 20 Candy Coated Chocolate Chunks
  • 20 Crunchy Toffee
  • 20 Rainbow Sprinkles

All Pretzel Rods are individually wrapped

  • Minimum order is one case.
  • FREE shipping to most locations. A surcharge may apply for some remote locations.
  • Your selling price per Pretzel is $2.00.
  • PROFIT per case is $192.00 (40%).
  • Delivery is 5 to 8 days.
  • Free case of 4 “In Hand Carriers” for every 20 cases you order. An additional profit of 240 x $2.00 = $480.

If you need help getting started please contact us:

Susan or Bill Edgecombe



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